Barclays: Rethinking the FinTech landscape

My pivotal role in this groundbreaking project was to redefine the FinTech landscape through innovative visual and motion design. I led the creation of a unique banking experience, infusing it with novel visual elements and dynamic motion design. Furthermore, I was at the forefront of designing engaging user interactions that fundamentally altered how users manage their finances. The outcome was a conceptual platform that not only revolutionized the visual presentation but also introduced new, user-centric interactions, setting a new benchmark for future FinTech experiences.

My objective for the splash screen was to craft a welcoming transition that immediately signaled to users a unique and fluid banking experience. I directed the design efforts to create a transition that distinguished itself from the conventional, indicating clearly that this was not just another banking application. By designing a captivating welcome sequence, I aimed to establish the tone for the user's entire journey, making a striking first impression and ushering users into a new era of dynamic banking.

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I devised and implemented a symbolic system to provide users with a clear, visual representation of their finances. The 'telescope' method, which I introduced, became pivotal, allowing users to easily monitor their savings and spending. This approach aimed to demystify the often complex understanding of financial status, facilitating straightforward navigation of financial affairs. My goal was to transform financial data into an intuitive visual language, thereby making the user experience more accessible and transparent.


Account Overview


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I spearheaded the design of the account overview transition to ensure a smooth and visually appealing user experience. This transition was designed to clearly communicate changes in the user's account, marrying functionality with visual elegance to elevate the banking experience.

In partnership with Barclays, my leading role in the FinTech redesign focused on visual and motion design. My contributions included designing a standout splash screen transition, developing a symbolic system for intuitive financial visualization, and refining the account overview transition. The project aimed to redefine banking with a focus on accessibility, innovation, and engaging user experiences.
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