CVS Shop Redesign

In the CVS Shop redesign project, our objective was to modernize the online shopping journey to align with the latest consumer expectations and behaviors. I played a crucial role in this initiative, focusing on enhancing the site's visual appeal through strategic typography, user-friendly icons, and adaptable components. These design elements were instrumental in transforming the CVS digital interface, aiming not just to attract customers but to engage and retain them by making health and wellness information both accessible and easy to navigate.

By carefully selecting typography, I ensured the content was readable and reflective of the CVS brand, aiming to make the digital experience feel personalized and welcoming. The icons I designed were crafted for easy recognition, facilitating smoother site navigation across a broad range of products and services. The components I developed served as the site's building blocks, supporting diverse content while ensuring a cohesive and modern aesthetic. This comprehensive design strategy was key in enhancing customer satisfaction and establishing CVS as a premier destination for health and wellness.


Our design philosophy centered on presenting CVS as a relatable brand, attuned to its customers' health and wellness needs. My design efforts were geared towards creating an emotionally and visually resonant experience at every user interaction. Emphasizing seamless integration of design elements without focusing solely on typography, color, or photography, my goal was to create an inviting digital space that mirrors CVS's commitment to accessibility and trust. This approach aimed to foster positive emotions, making the CVS digital experience not only engaging but also reassuring and intuitive, reinforcing the brand's focus on customer service.



I refined the typographic hierarchy and system across CVS's digital platforms, enhancing user interface readability. By introducing CVS Health Sans light variant for headlines, I aimed to create a lighter and more inviting aesthetic. This careful balance of font weights and sizes contributed to a cohesive and accessible environment, improving the site's readability and visual harmony.



I helped revamp the CVS color palette to use color strategically, balancing the site's aesthetic and guiding the user journey. My focus was on using CVS red to highlight essential elements and incorporating soft shades for a visually pleasing effect. This balance enhanced visual interest and hierarchy, supporting an engaging and intuitive user experience.



I also contributed in the development of "Sparks," an innovative icon system that integrates seamlessly with the CVS brand, enhancing user interface with emphasis and delight. Inspired by the CVS logo's geometric balance, Sparks aim to guide users and highlight key information, enriching the CVS digital presence with a distinctive visual language.



I curated imagery that represents the diversity of the CVS customer base, focusing on real-world and aspirational scenarios. This approach aimed to capture genuine, diverse, and engaging visual stories, moving away from polished stock photos to better reflect the audience's varied wellness journeys.


I created page templates for various content types, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across the CVS digital platform. These templates were designed to support the site's content diversity while maintaining a unified brand experience.

Navigation and Search

I enhanced the search and navigation features to make the user journey more intuitive and personalized, including smart auto-suggestions and streamlined page transitions. This improved the shopping experience, making it more efficient and user-centric.



The CVS Shop homepage redesign centered on creating an inviting and user-friendly entry point, emphasizing personalized content and easy navigation to enhance the shopping experience. The goal was to make the homepage a welcoming portal for both new and returning customers, ensuring an immediate, positive engagement with the CVS brand.

Product Listing Page

I contributed significantly by designing and delivering product card components for the product listing page, focusing on clarity, user-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal. These cards effectively balanced detailed product information with a clean design, employing principles like hierarchy and contrast to highlight key details such as price, reviews, and availability.

Overall, my contributions to the CVS Shop redesign were focused on improving the user experience through thoughtful design and personalization. From enhancing search functionalities to optimizing visual elements like "Sparks," every aspect of the redesign aimed to create a more enjoyable and accessible shopping journey for CVS customers.
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