Shopping from your couch with Walmart

In the evolving landscape of television applications, I spearheaded the development of a motion design system that revolutionized the TV viewing experience, making it interactive. My primary goal was to enable users to shop from Walmart's online store effortlessly from their couch, seamlessly integrating captivating motion designs with e-commerce functionality.

The design ethos centered on creating an experience that was not only accessible and enjoyable from a distance but also infused with elements of delight, ensuring a hassle-free interaction. Whether through remote control or voice commands, the system was crafted to offer a seamless blend of entertainment and shopping from the comfort of the living room.













A significant focus of my role was the development of a voice-interactive persona, characterized by a dynamic animation set. These animations were designed to be visually appealing and interactive, adding a fun and fluid aspect to the user experience. The aim was to create a responsive and tactile feel to every interaction, making the interface not just functional but also engaging, thereby enhancing the user experience on the TV over-the-top app.

Additionally, I aimed to inject joy and excitement into the shopping journey by introducing special celebratory animations. These animations were strategically placed to highlight significant moments such as making a purchase or discovering exclusive deals, with the intent to enrich the shopping experience. This personalized approach underscores my dedication to transforming each user interaction into a memorable and enjoyable event.

In conclusion, my role was pivotal in transforming our TV over-the-top app into an enjoyable and user-friendly platform. By developing a sophisticated motion design system, I ensured a fluid user experience, whether through voice or remote interaction. The introduction of celebratory animations added a festive touch, making shopping not just convenient but also celebratory, turning every interaction into a memorable occasion.
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