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Showcasing the world of Samsung Connected Living

In my role, I played a key part in conceptualizing and producing an immersive showcase for Samsung's Connected Living suite of devices. My responsibilities were integral to integrating a wide array of products—ranging from Home Appliances to Wearables—demonstrating the seamless and user-centric interactions achievable within a smart home environment. The aim was to craft an experience that not only showcased how these devices work together to simplify and enhance daily routines but also did so in a way that was intuitive and engaging for the user.


A significant aspect of my contribution was the development of characters and narratives designed to personalize the Connected Living showcase. By crafting three distinct stories, each highlighting different scenarios involving a family, an entrepreneurial couple, and a couple hosting a party, I aimed to illustrate how Samsung's devices could be woven into various real-life contexts. This approach was pivotal in making the concept of Connected Living tangible and more relatable for our customers.

To further elevate the engagement level of the showcase, I developed a dynamic motion system through high-fidelity prototyping. This feature introduced an interactive scrolling mechanism that allowed for smooth transitions between moments in our characters' daily lives, providing viewers with a fluid and immersive narrative experience.

Entrepreneur couple

Another key innovation I contributed to was the design and implementation of a user-friendly questionnaire, dubbed the 'Quizzard.' My involvement in this initiative spanned prototyping, icon development, and the creation of an interactive platform that enabled users to indicate their interests and device preferences. This customization facilitated a more tailored exploration of the showcase, allowing users to quickly identify and delve into scenarios most relevant to their lives, culminating in a curated playlist of features designed to match their specific preferences.

Through my multifaceted role, I contributed significantly to designing the overall immersive experience for Samsung's Connected Living devices. My efforts in developing both the motion system and interactive elements of the showcase—from spearheading the 'Quizzard' creation to influencing the page's visual style—were aimed at ensuring a cohesive and captivating presentation. The project served as a testament to the practical utility of Samsung's devices, crafted to make the Connected Living concept both relatable and visually engaging for users.
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