Frontier app redesign. Not just a fresh face.

In the comprehensive redesign of the MyFrontier app, my role was crucial in transforming the user interface to be clearer and more user-friendly. This was aimed at enabling customers to easily find assistance or pay bills. By introducing intuitive icons for navigation, incorporating smooth animations for clearer communication, and designing a consistent set of components, the goal was to make MyFrontier an essential tool for customers managing their accounts.


For the login experience, I infused the screen with the new brand identity and integrated biometric authentication to blend design with technology. This approach simplified access while incorporating security seamlessly into the user experience, making the entry point both effortless and elegant.

I developed the motion design for the app’s intro sequence to capture the essence of the app's new direction—intuitive, engaging, and fluid. This introduction sets the tone for the user experience, previewing the streamlined interface and seamless interactions that users can expect.


In redesigning the dashboard, I created new card components and tab icons, focusing on intuitive navigation and personalization. These elements organize information and guide users smoothly through their tasks, enhancing the overall user experience by providing a sense of control and simplicity.


My efforts in the bill pay section aimed at making the payment process simpler and more interactive. I designed a new calendar feature for tracking payment schedules and developed a pop-up modal to streamline the payment process. This encouraged the use of Auto Pay, simplifying financial management for users.

Throughout the app, I focused on creating motion designs that add a layer of polish and enjoyment. These animations make the user experience more engaging and dynamic, turning routine interactions into delightful moments.


I also took on the task of developing iconography and components for the support menu, focusing on making support easily accessible. With features like a real-time tech appointment tracker and the option to reschedule appointments within the app, I aimed to empower users with on-demand support and flexibility.

The MyFrontier app redesign was an extensive project aimed at enhancing both usability and aesthetics. From redesigning the login experience and streamlining bill payments to reimagining the dashboard and improving the support menu, every aspect was carefully considered to make user interactions simpler and more intuitive. The introduction of motion designs throughout the app added a layer of engagement and enjoyment, ensuring each interaction was not just functional but also pleasurable. This redesign has transformed the MyFrontier app into a more efficient and enjoyable platform for managing telecommunications accounts, with a focus on user satisfaction and ease of use.
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