Showcasing the world of Connected Living

Imagining and bringing to life stories to illustrate the universe of Samsung's connected product and how they can interact with each other

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Our team was asked to concept and produce an experience to showcase the products in Samsung's Connected Living family of devices connecting and interacting in the smart home. Samsung's diverse set of products included Home Appliances, Televisions, Smartphones, and Wearables, which allows for truly unique ways that the devices can make the user's life easier.

senior designer, motion designer, prototyping

To make the customer imagine and experience the story, we wanted to make it personal by developing characters and stories to show how Connected Living could look in the real world. We created three different stories that told the story of a family, an entrepreneurial couple, and a couple throwing a party.
I developed a motion system through prototyping in the tool Framer Studio that would allow us to show the day in our characters' lives using interactive scrolling to transition from one moment to the next seamlessly.
Entrepreneur couple
To help guide customers to specific and relevant use cases, we created a simple questionnaire that we affectionally dubbed the "Quizzard." By selecting passions and the devices that they are interested a user could quickly find moments that they would like to see, and we would then serve them a playlist of relevant moments.

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